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The 27-year-old Morris adds more talent to the Dallas backfield,Blake Swihart Jersey, which already includes Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar. Morris has three 1,Wholesale Jerseys,000-yard rushing seasons on his resume and two trips to the Pro Bowl.
Morris racked up 4,Cheap Jerseys Paypal,713 yards rushing and 29 touchdowns in 64 games. In eight games against Dallas,Marshon Lattimore Jersey, he ran for 710 yards and seven touchdowns.
The Cowboys agreed to terms on a two-year deal Tuesday with Morris,Argentina World Cup T-Shirts, a four-year starter with the NFC East Division-rival Washington Redskins.
DALLAS (AP) — Alfred Morris spent his first four NFL seasons running all over the Dallas Cowboys. Now he'll be running the ball for them,Arron Afflalo Jersey.

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The ten-day period for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali-Hack to explain howCommissioner of Police Henry Greeneshe arrived at her decision to recommend that a rape charge be instituted against Police Commissioner Henry Greene expires today.Up to press time yesterday, government prosecutors had not yet submitted the DPP’s explanation – at least Greene’s attorney had not received it.Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang had ordered the DPP’s attorney to lodge with the court all the statements in the case, including those by the Commissioner and those by the woman who claims she was raped by the Commissioner.However,China Jerseys Cheap, when the court met on February 27,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, last, the DPP failed to explain how she arrived at her decision. Instead, she gave the court a reportedly bland statement that did not go down well with the Chief Justice.The Commissioner is seeking to have the High Court quash the DPP’s recommendation that Mr. Greene be charged with rape.In presenting the documents as an annex to her affidavit, the DPP did not explain her decision. Justice Chang warned state attorney Naresh Harnanan that he was not interested in the lawyer’s analysis, but rather,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he wanted “The analysis of the DPP.”Harnanan begged of the court ten days to submit the DPP’s analysis in writing.Once the explanation is submitted, Greene’s lawyers say they are prepared to get going immediately, namely,Cheap NFL jerseys China, responding to the DPP’s statement,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, after which Justice Chang will have to make a ruling.The Transparency Institute of Guyana called for the government to fire the Police Commissioner if he refuses to resign.“By indulging in sexual relations with a person of such obvious vulnerability, Mr. Greene abused his position and his authority.“This clearly amounts to corrupt behaviour by internationally accepted standards, under which corruption is defined as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain,” the Institute said in a statement.The woman in the scandal has claimed she was raped, but the Commissioner has insisted that the sex was consensual.Following an investigation by local and Jamaican detectives, the DPP recommended that Mr. Greene be charged with rape. However, the Commissioner moved to the High Court to have the DPP’s decision quashed.Last December, the woman, a 34-year-old mother of two, claimed that she was forced into a city hotel and raped by Greene. She said they first met on November 15, 2011, when she went to meet the Top Cop to enquire about the status of an investigation regarding her.She said that in the process of the investigations, the Police had taken possession of her mobile phone, and she wanted to recover the phone.The woman claimed that Greene told her to meet him on November 22 to uplift the phone and afterwards he offered her a ride home.However, she said she was driven to a city hotel where the Commissioner pulled out a gun and waved it at her, causing her to be afraid. At this point, she said she reluctantly exited the vehicle after Greene made a strange demand.In a statement he gave to investigators, Greene said that when the woman came to meet him at Police Headquarters on November 22, last,Cheap Jerseys From China, it was upon her insistence that they meet “socially” and so ended up at a villa and had sex.Director of Public Prosecutions - Shalimar Ali-HackThe Top Cop has claimed that he did not have a gun in his possession at the time.Greene took over responsibility for the Guyana Police Force on July 24,Cheap Jerseys 2018, 2006 when then Commissioner of Police Mr. Winston Felix, proceeded on pre-retirement leave.  He is the ninth national of Guyana to command the Force since its establishment on July 1, 1839.Greene joined the Police Force in February 1974.

Less than one week after the tragic accident at Airy Hall, Mahaicony, the survivors who were hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) are on the road to recovery.Kaieteur News understands that three of the five victims have already been discharged though they have been given dates to return for check-ups while the remaining two are showing improvements in their conditions.Zahir Yassin, 13, had suffered a broken collar bone, fractures to his ribs and experienced problems breathing. He was discharged along with 11-year-old Fazil Ali,Jerseys NFL Cheap, 11, and Shiraz Alli, 18,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who was a patient of the High Dependency Unit (HDU).Meanwhile,Wholesale Jerseys China, 10-year-old Sameer Shamsuddin of Cane Grove,Stitched NFL Jerseys, East Coast Demerara, is still warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the GPHC. He is said to be in a semi-conscious state.His father told this newspaper that his son, though not fully conscious, is responding to physical touches.“When he gets a pinch on his hand you can see him reacting to the pain. He is responding slightly and his mother is happy now,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” said the young boy’s father.As for 34-year-old Asif Hack,Cheap Anaheim Ducks Hoodies, the driver and owner of the vehicle involved in the accident,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, he is warded in the Male Surgical Ward and is also showing signs of improvement.Hack sustained injuries to his neck and spine and already underwent surgery. His treatment is expected to be continued as his prognosis develops.

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Last year,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the veteran judge was re-elected unopposed for the next six yearsBy Leonard Gildarie For most folks, there is a specific time that they could look back on what could be considered the turning point in their life. Their entire perspective would have changed in that moment, at that crossroad leading them forever in a new direction with an invigorating passion.For Alli Baksh Majeed, now known popularly as A.B. Majeed to friends, or Judge A.B. to the legal world in Florida and the USA, his was when some cow droppings fell on his mother’s white ‘herni’ while on a steamer trip from Anna Regina to Wakenaam,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, an island in the Essequibo River.In the pecking order of things, even the cows seemed to have been worth more than the little boy and his mother who were relegated to a lower deck of that steamer where persons of a lower economic standing were supposed to be. “It was my first awakening to injustice, economic injustice.”Young A.B. could not understand it. The despairing image of his mother’s face inflamed both a passion and an anger that led him to fight his way to higher education in the United States. There he clawed his way through college and law school, rose to become a prosecutor, and then resigned to campaign to become a judge. He lost it all, then won it all.Alli Baksh Majeed is now the only judge of Indian-descent in the State of Florida. A few years ago he was elected by his fellow judges to serve as the President of all the county judges in the State.A.B., 63, is now contemplating retirement as a judge and the possibility of other elected office, maybe the Florida Senate.Kaieteur News caught up with Majeed while he was in Guyana for the West Indies/Pakistan cricket matches. His is a remarkable story of patience and perseverance.Humble beginningsMajeed grew up in Anna Regina, a village on the laid-back Essequibo coast, with rice farming being the main source of living for most families.He was the last of four brothers. He remembered all too clearly the fish-laden streams, the beautiful birds and the trees full of delicious fruits.Growing up in the 1950s, there were no high schools in the county. Primary school, sixth standard was one’s academic ceiling.“Whoever wanted to go to high school had to come from a wealthy family to go to Georgetown.”That changed in the mid ‘60’s when the then Premier, Cheddi Jagan, converted a government office to a high school at Anna Regina. There were 100 spots available and through an elimination test,NFL Jerseys China Online, Majeed made it through.“That singular act of going to high school opened the door to the mountaintop for me and my classmates. My whole mental concept of my abilities changed. I began to dream impossible dreams. Had it not been for the Anna Regina Government Secondary School, I and many others would be singing a different song today.“Life, while idyllic in Essequibo, was not without its hardships. The roads were all mud and there was flooding, particularly around Christmas. In our younger days we had no electrical lights; no running water, so we had to wake up early in the morning and fill up the tub with fresh black water from the trench so my mother could use it during the day.”It was also a time when crime was unheard of and people left their doors open. His three years at the high school – 1965-1968 – were marked by some of Guyana’s worst political turbulence. During that time young A.B. was exposed to Guyana’s leading politicians. He was struck by the eloquence and resonant voice of Forbes Burnham, the political theories of Cheddi Jagan and the capitalism of Peter D’Aguiar.“Janet Jagan was also quite impressive, and represented our district in Anna Regina, and all the ladies used to refer to her as “Bouji (brother’s wife).”It was a struggle for the family to find the $22.50 needed to pay for A.B. to attend the Anna Regina Government Secondary, but his brothers took to the field, determined one of their own would do the family proud.“I am forever grateful to them for this sacrifice. Their job was to come up with the $22.50…what you would call an unbudgeted expense.”During High School, A.B. juggled studies and work. He rose early, milked the cows, cut the grass and went to school. It was juxtaposed with Chaucer, Tennyson, Shakespeare, French, Latin, Algebra and Geometry.With no electricity, the battle was to use the sunshine to ensure as much studies as possible was pushed in.While quite a few of the 100 students dropped out because of the rigours, the remainder stuck to the tasks.“For a number of us, we did not let go…I was like a drowning man clinging to a raft…It was not if I could afford to hold on…it was I could not afford to let go.”US-boundIt was during this time that Majeed decided that he wanted to go to the United States to further his studies.“I had an opportunity to go to Canada, but I used to read a lot about the USA. I was intrigued by their way of life; their economic capitalism; their democracy; their freedoms.”But obtaining a visa to the United States was no easy task.“It wasn’t easy for me to get a student visa. When I applied for one I was denied, because my parents lacked the resources to guarantee that I would not become a public charge on the US government. This was a stringent requirement of the US embassy.”His break came when a Peace Corps volunteer from the US, serving in Anna Regina at the time, promised to assist.“He contacted his parents who were wealthy people. They had to sign affidavits, taking the place of my parents, guaranteeing that I will not become a public charge. It was through the generosity of this American family that I got to America. I went with a student visa directly to Howard University in Washington D.C.”Majeed’s immediate goals included earning a degree and returning to Guyana as a social worker.Washington D.C. was a whole new world. Different climate. Different trees. Different birds. Different food…and that new creature called winter.“It took some serious adjustment. In Guyana you have a lot of time with few demands. In America you have a little time and lots of demands.”While at Howard, A.B. did well and qualified for an academic scholarship. He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.A.B’s outspokenness and leadership skills caught the attention of his college professors who encouraged him to pursue law.After Howard he enrolled at the Catholic University School of Law, a school that was almost 100 percent non-minority, and where he graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree.“It was culturally difficult. But we were welcomed by everybody and professors treated us with great dignity and respect. Along with me was a black female from Howard, and as life would have it, she also came to Florida. Justice Peggy Quince became the first Black Female Chief Justice in the state of Florida.”Some years later, Majeed took his little son, Noah, to Catholic University School of Law and showed him the name Alli B. Majeed inscribed on a wall especially dedicated to all the law school graduates who became judges.Lost, wonAlli B. Majeed has been a judge in Florida since 1993Majeed became a felony prosecutor in Brevard County, Florida, in 1985,Discount NFL Jerseys Sale, having practiced law in Philadelphia for several years. He is a member of the Bars of Florida, Washington D.C. Pennsylvania, and New York“I served as a prosecutor in front of a most wonderful and kind hearted judge. He knew of my desire to become a judge one day. He motivated and mentored me. For you to become a judge in Florida you must practice law in Florida continuously for more than five years. Immediately after my five years I began investigating the prospect of becoming a judge.”His friends thought he was crazy.“They said they loved and respected me, but I had the wrong name, wrong colour, wrong religion, wrong nationality, wrong accent. Everything was wrong.”To run for the judgeship, Majeed had to quit his job as a prosecutor.“So I had no income. I moved out of my beautiful house into a smaller apartment. I had no job,Jerseys From China, no income, no house, no health insurance. But I had confidence and a supporting wife. She backed me all the way. Together we agreed that I won’t grow old saying. I could have, should have, might have become a judge. I did not come to America to be told I can’t do it.”His three daughters and wife were good campaigners. He lost that first campaign in 1992, but earned a wide variety of friends and supporters. Lady Luck soon smiled on A.B. Majeed.“When I lost the election, one judge got sick and he retired. His seat became eligible for appointment by the Governor.”The jobless Guyanese became one of 21 lawyers who submitted for interviews before a special Judicial Nominating Committee. The list was reduced to four and submitted to the Governor.He was appointed by Governor Lawton Chiles as a Brevard county judge in 1993, where he serves to this day.He is the first Guyanese and the only person of Indian origin to currently hold that position in Florida.“I submitted for elections many times after that… the word in 1992 was that I couldn’t win. The word now,Indiana Pacers Jerseys, in 2011, is that I can’t lose.”Last year, the veteran judge was re-elected unopposed for the next six years.“America allowed me to dream dreams I could not dare to dream. America allowed those dreams to come true. I am what I wanted to be. I’ve been there for 18 years; I am looking forward for retirement.”Over the past years, Majeed has received numerous awards, given many speeches, and was the subject of countless articles in the newspapers.“I pride myself in treating every citizen who appeared before me with dignity and respect. I always remember the economic indignity that visited my mother in that steamer on the way to Wakenaam. I never forget that the journey, from the bench where I am sitting to the podium where the defendant is standing is a very short one. As they say in Guyana…”it nah tek laang fuh table tun…”Alli B. Majeed while a proud and patriotic American now,Adrian Dantley Jersey, emphatically states that he will never forget that “Guyana is wheh me navel string bury…”

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As the world population reaches seven billionYesterday Guyana joined the rest of the world in celebrating the world’s population reaching the seven billion mark. As part of the celebration the Ministry of Health honoured the mothers who gave birth yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Up to press time, yesterday,NCAA Basketball Jerseys, six babies were born at the facility. Among the mothers who gave birth are Alicia Hamer who gave birth at 1:50 hours,Cheap NFL Jerseys, followed by Flori Emmanuel,Kurt Warner Cardinals Throwback Jersey, Shevonne Babb,Cheap Jerseys, Laurell Hinds and Yohanda Hayden.Assistant Country Representative,, Patrice La Fleur, of the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) said that the organization is pleased to be honouring the mothers as well as the babies. “We are pleased to be here to acknowledge the babies who were born today, the day when the world has achieved the seven billion population mark.”Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health Dr. Shamdeo Persaud making a presentation to Alicia Hamer who gave birth to the first baby to be born yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Ward Sister,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Marjorie Arjune and Assistant Representative of the UNFPA Dr. Patrice La Fleur look on.Ms. La Fleur said that the day also coincided with Guyana’s launch of the State of the World Report which focuses in on challenges and possibilities. “These babies are significant as they are born on a special day which the whole world is acknowledging.”Dr. La Fleur further acknowledged the fact that these and other babies are coming into a world that has a lot of challenges but also with a lot of possibilities. “We hope that over time we will work closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure their future growth and development.”. She further encouraged the mothers who were present to ensure that their babies are fully immunized.“They must always be fully immunized; their good health and wellbeing can be achieved and this is an effort that we all can make to ensure that they all grow with love and a good education.”Also addressing the mothers was Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shamdeo Persaud who congratulated the mothers. He noted that while today is very special each birth is equally special to the Ministry and the health care system all together.“Each day in Guyana we have at least 40 births and of that number four mothers have complicated deliveries but at the same time we have to thank our health care workers for their efforts,Discount NFL Jerseys,”.He too stressed the need for each child to be fully immunized while noting that together Guyana can ensure that its babies can get through the first year of life in good health.

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Crop insurance may be critically needed By Nadia GuyadeenThere are fears that global warming and, by extension climate change, could cause detrimental effects to Guyana.A major concern in Guyana is that changes to the weather pattern and other implications of climate change could badly affect our agriculture industry.In fact, it is very possible that if the agriculture industry collapses, the Guyana economy would implode.An avenue that has been examined over the years, to offer some level of security and compensation to farmers in light of a natural catastrophe, is crop insurance.Crop insurance is purchased by agricultural producers, including farmers, ranchers, and others, to protect themselves against either the loss of their crops due to natural disasters such as hail, drought, and floods, or the loss of revenue due to decline in the prices of agricultural commodities. The two general categories of crop insurance are crop-yield insurance and crop-revenue insurance.Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud told this newspaper that, given the most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which outlines changes in the frequency, spatial distribution and magnitude of a number of climatic conditions, extremes and weather events likely to occur in coming decades, the Government feels that crop insurance is critically needed.He added that crop insurance is essential, since the risks posed in agriculture, such as constant flooding, continuous rising of sea levels, and other effects of adverse weather conditions, are all manifestations of climate change.“We also have to look at the hardship experienced by some of the farmers, who can see a reduction of their exposure through crop insurance.”According to Minister Persaud, natural disasters like flooding hit hard and may cause heavy losses to farmers.Minister Robert PersaudInsurance, he noted, can assist in managing these losses, and crop insurance is that branch of this financial mechanism that is especially geared to covering losses from adverse weather and similar events beyond the control of growers.“In any business arrangement, both sides of the transaction must expect to benefit. Crop insurance transactions are no different.”He said that crop insurance is sold and bought in a market. The purchasers must perceive that the premiums and expected benefits offer value; the sellers must see opportunities for a positive actuarial outcome, over time, and profit.Crop insurance is, therefore, important if feasible, given the vulnerability of farmers’ investment in crops on a small, medium and large scale, the minister asserted.“This is long needed in the region and moreso Guyana, if we are going to ensure food security.”Given that crop insurance has been discussed for at least the last 15 years, Minister Persaud said, what is preventing the implementation is the lack of boldness by the respective financial institutions.Given that Guyana is a developing country, he added, with emerging capital and insurance markets across regions, the development of crop insurance is linked to the availability of funds from a macro-perspective, with Government facilitating the development of this market.However, it is the challenge for the private sector to pursue such insurance on a large scale basis as various premiums depend on the associated risks,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, according to Minister Persaud.As far as funding goes, the minister said, there is currently no scope in the Government’s budgetary framework for funding crop insurance.However, he opined that it is an excellent opportunity for the private sector and development financing institutions within and outside of Guyana, but there can be means through which the Government can offer its support to such a scheme other than full funding.He also pointed out that there is a study conducted by Dr. Richard Blair entitled, “An Assessment of Agricultural Risk and Diversification on Farming Families ‘Living standard under Fuzzy Conditions – A case study from Guyana.This study presents a comprehensive sample analysis of a farm area in Guyana and the underlying risks involved in farm/crop activities.“Another study is Agriculture Insurance revisited “New development and perspectives in Latin America and the Caribbean.” These do serve as useful guides for Guyana.”He added that different agencies and groups have looked at this issue, and the IDB Caribbean Catastrophe Insurance Programme has been studying the possibility of increasing its scope by including agriculture and flooding.The ministry does interact with these groups, and we hope to see tangible results flow, such as support for crop insurance and resources for adaptation measures.Minister Persaud contended that the Ministry of Agriculture supports farmers from time to time, depending on the circumstances, by way of cash, seeds, technical services and infrastructure. There are incentives and programmes designed to support our farmers, but these are not a substitute for crop insurance.The minister pointed out that the factors that are on top of Government’s agenda  are adaptation to cope with the increasing effects of climate change, and mobilising international support for a market-based mechanism to compensate Guyana for the global environmental services our rainforest play in mitigating climate change.DifficultiesFormer President of the Insurance Association of Guyana and Director/Manager of the Hand in Hand Insurance Company, Howard Cox, has said that though crop insurance is something good for Guyana, there are several things that may have been procrastinating its implementation. One of those things, he noted, is the cost associated with it.Cox said that in light of climate change, one of the things that the insurance industry can do, apart from flood insurance, is crop insurance, which is essential because Guyana is heavily dependent on agriculture, mainly rice and sugar.Due to this, he added,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Guyana could be heavily impacted by variations in the climate.“I think it’s beyond dispute now that global warming exists, and there is a lot of climate change going on and it could affect badly a country like Guyana.”He pointed out, with regard to rice, that of course this can be affected by things other than rainfall — drought and pests. “Rice is something you always have to be spraying, and a pest invasion could wipe out a substantial amount of the crop.”According to him, crop insurance has been talked about, especially by politicians for probably the last 20 years, but nobody seems to have an idea how it worked and how expensive it was.Cox said that he did some research into it a few years ago and found out that somebody has got to invest heavily in preparation for the information for the underwriters.He emphasized that crop insurance is written by specialist underwriters, and there is probably six to a dozen people in the London Market doing this. Cox noted that there are also specialists in the USA as well as in Canada.“But what I learnt is that somebody has got to commission a study, and some experts have got to come and actually carry out a countrywide study of the agriculture, how it is set up especially with relation to these two crops; and among the data they will need are things like the weather patterns, the rainfall patterns over the past 10-15 years, and they will need details like pests, and then, of course, the yields, and they will probably write a report given recommendations whether it’s feasible or not, or feasible if certain things are done…The underwriters will not even look at it unless they see a report like this.”Cox stated that commissioning such a study and the experts needed would cost a lot of money.“That is why governments get involved in crop insurance, because initially these experts cost a lot to come here and do the job, and no company or companies would put up that money if they’re not sure that at the end of the day there will be a report. And even if the people say they will underwrite it, somebody got to buy it.”He added that the Government or a body such as GuySuCo or the Rice Producers Association will have to put up money for the study if they are really interested in crop insurance.Cox also pointed out that the premiums seem to be extremely high, because companies offering crop insurance calculate the anticipated yield of the crop.“A lot of research is done into production and yields. You anticipate that you will get so much for sugar and so much for rice, and if something happens — some climatic problem or pest, and your yield is way below expectations, then that is when the insurance kicks in.”Apparently the premiums would be a percentage of the yield, and they are very expensive, Cox said.He added that he has leant from a recent climate change meeting that NGO’s and international bodies are looking at other ways to assist countries like Guyana, which would find the cost of crop insurance to be high, into finding a way to underwrite the crop insurance without having to involve these expensive experts.He also pointed out that there are policies that are sold elsewhere that also cover livestock.“If we had a very large livestock industry, weather patterns could affect that as well.”In summing up, Cox said that crop insurance in Guyana basically seems to be rice and sugar, since they are the major exporters while the other crops grown are basically for local consumption.“I think the Government would be most concerned about those crops that give us foreign exchange, and there are bodies which should be pursuing this, like the Rice Producers Association and GuySuCo. It seems that we in Guyana are more aware of crop insurance,Cheap Jerseys Store, and it definitely seems like there is some positive move afoot to get some kind of crop insurance in place.”Very different opinions have been expressed about crop insurance and the possibility of having it in Guyana.Commissioner of Insurance,Cheap Jerseys From China, Maria van Beek, said that she does not believe that the insurance industry in Guyana is capable of offering crop insurance,Cheap NFL Jerseys, since it is so small and the risk level is also very high.She said that crop insurance has been something talked about over the years, but there are many problems associated with actually doing crop insurance here.Van Beek noted the cost as one of them. “Insurance companies will not typically go into an area unless it is viable. In other words, if you are going to have crop losses every year, it’s not really an insurable event, it’s something that is certain.”An insurable event, she said, has to have a level of uncertainty, because insurance companies have to make some money out of it,Blake Swihart Jersey, and the majority of insurance companies here don’t have the capacity to really offer this, so what they will have to do is partner up with overseas companies.Van Beek added that another difficulty with that is that overseas companies do not have the data here, so they are reluctant to come in as an unknown.“And I think they were having talks in the past for there to be a feasibility study on crop insurance, and I think that died a bit of a death because the feasibility study in itself would cost money. You have to get international consultants that people are going to depend on, and you got to bring them in, and that would cost quite a bit of money.”According to her, the insurance companies are not against being involved in the project, but they have stepped back in some way.“I don’t know they’re averse to sharing some of the cost, but I don’t think they want to take the brunt of the cost, and certainly the external people will not necessarily look to put money into this unless they believe there is some commitment as well.”She also stated that there are various approaches that can be taken, and there is one approach that seems to be cheaper, and that is parametric related insurance.“My view is that somebody has to say I’m going put the money down and we are going to get this thing going, but I think the Government is reluctant in a way to do this.”Although the interest is there, Van Beek said, she does not see crop insurance around the corner very soon for Guyana.Van Beek also said that there is a team of consultants from McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting firm currently conducting a study in Guyana in an effort to quantify the potential losses that Georgetown and surrounding areas would suffer should there be any catastrophe relating to climate change.During last week,wholesale jerseys, one of the consultants held a meeting with representatives from the insurance industry to exchange information.Van Beek stated that the researchers are specifically focusing on flooding and are looking at two main risk factors, which are breach of sea defences and increased rainfall.She added that the consultants are here trying to put a number on what the potential losses could be for this area and, obviously, the cost to the economy.According to her, she is hoping that out of all the reports and studies that are being done relating to this, crop insurance may come as a spin-off. “We may even get funding to do a feasibility study.”Another thing to look at is this Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance, she said.“At one point, it was thought that we may participate in that if it was expanded to include crop insurance.”That fund is triggered by an event, and they measure wind speed. “So, for hurricanes it is wind speed, but for flooding it would typically be rainfall. But the problem is how do you measure rainfall?”She noted that rainfall is not as independently assessed as wind speed and hurricanes, so, basically, the difficultly with including rainfall or crop insurance in that fund would be more of a technical thing until they rule out the technical angle, and that would include some feasibility or consultant study on it. She does not see Guyana going there.Crop insurance is a valuable risk management tool that allows growers to insure against losses due to adverse weather conditions, fire, insects, disease, and wildlife.

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A few hours into Guyana,NBA Jerseys From China, Ashanti got some things right and some things wrong.Hits and Jams have proclaimed her as the first diva to hit these shores,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and she told local press she has some Guyana flags ready, and was waiting for someone to offer her some Pepperpot. We like that. She has come here with her entire family,NFL Jerseys From China, Mom and Dad included.AshantiAshanti is referred to as the princess of R&B and we look forward to her performance this evening. “It’s gonna be a great show,Cheap Arizona Coyotes Hoodies,” she promises.Rawle Ferguson of the organizing group said that the show is a collaboration between Hits and Jams, Kashif and Shanghai and the government of Guyana as part of an agreement to produce three major shows every year – one in February,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, one in August and one in December.  Kashif Mohamed said that security arrangements have been stepped up to ensure an incident-free show.Ashanti is actually the second international act to perform during the Christmas Night concert at the National Stadium.After three local artistes perform,NFL Jerseys China, Konshens will perform followed by Ashanti.Closing off the show will be reggae superstar Jah Cure.“Everything is on schedule; on track,Wholesale Football Jerseys,” said Ferguson.

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De government,Asics Fuzex Rush Homme, especially Irfaat,NFL Jerseys China, get more bareface. Long time when de government had to dig a well it use to cost little or nutten. When was Shaik Baksh a well use to cost $40 million. Now de man who tek over from Shaik digging dem same well  it cost $70 million.  Now overnight de same well cost $174 million.When dem boys ask how come de well suh dear,Cheap Jerseys China, de Tender Board people,, including Don Duckloo,2018 World Cup Russia Jerseys, claim how de well digging to Trinidad. Guyana going to import water.De man who put in a tender fuh dig de well is a Bee. Only a Bee coulda come up wid such a high price. Dem boys seh that people shouldn’t be surprise if de well price meet $200 million by Christmas. And by 2013 it gun meet $400 million.De way things going,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, don’t be surprise fuh hear that a latrine hole cost $200 million. And Uncle Donald want glasses. He can’t see wha happening. He can’t see that all dem contract price jack up.  He does sit down in Cabinet whole day and hear dem same high price because all he Minister got to guh to he fuh approval.De same Cabinet discuss Brazzy and he hotel. Luncheon confuse de situation too. He tell dem boys no matter how much money dem spend pun de casino,Brian Poole Falcons Jersey, is still Brazzy own. Brazzy got to come clean and explain de statement. In fact, he need to explain de whole Marriott deal to de nation.Is de people money and dem have a right to know.Talk half and start worry bout de other half.

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Just 14 hours later,cheap nfl jerseys online, he wrote a thank-you note to Cleveland fans after being let go.
"I want to thank the Cleveland Browns for giving me my opportunity and looking forward to seeing the change,Camo China NFL Jerseys," he said. "Time for the next step."
"Welcome to the TE room @David_Njoku80 looking forward to getting started,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey," Barnidge posted on Twitter.
The Browns did not give any reasons for cutting Barnidge,NCAA Football Jerseys. Nor did Cleveland try to get something for him on draft weekend when teams are willing to deal,NFL Jerseys China.

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And the Packers (10-6) have played the last two weeks without Randall Cobb,Cheap Jerseys From China, whose quickness gives defenses problems over the middle. Cobb,Cheap Buffalo Bills Jerseys, who has an ankle injury,Cheap Jerseys, has been limited in practice this week,Stitched Canada NBA Jerseys, though that's a positive step after he missed practice last week.
"I like to think that's the way we've always played,Air Max Scontate Uomo," coach Mike McCarthy said Thursday about the diversity in the passing game. "To lock (Rodgers) into a receiver or one or two or three players all the time is not really utilizing all your resources."
Receiver-turned-running back Ty Montgomery remains a threat to catch passes out of the backfield,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale. Fullback Aaron Ripkowski made his first career touchdown catch last week against Detroit .

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It's still Steelers-Ravens, regardless of the cast and the mediocre record of each team.
Of the last 16 games between these teams, no fewer than a dozen have been decided by three points or fewer.
"The characters have changed in this show,Jerseys NFL China," Suggs said. "But the mentality and the mood is still the same."
If Roethlisberger can't go,NFL Jerseys China, Pittsburgh will turn to Landry Jones,Wholesale Jerseys Online, who's never faced Baltimore and has three career starts.
"I told the guys walking off the field,Jae Crowder Jersey, 'This game has the potential to define you. You will never forget it,World Cup Jerseys,'" Suggs said.

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ANTHEM PROTEST,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale
Oakland defensive lineman Denico Autry had a sack,Cheap Jerseys Online, five tackles for loss and a pass defensed. Autry also teamed with James Cowser to get pressure on Boykin in the end zone leading to an intentional grounding penalty that resulted in a safety and the only points in the first half.
Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane joined Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest,NFL Jerseys Supply. Lane sat on the Seattle bench while the rest of his teammates stood during the anthem before the game. Lane said he did not tell any of his teammates of his plans before the game and that he will continue to do it until he feels &quot,Cheap Nike Basketball Jerseys;justice has been served,Wholesale China Jerseys.&quot,New York Knicks Jerseys;

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Residents of Kwebana in Region One and other surrounding communities will now benefit from unlimited communication, thanks to a newly established fully solar powered cellular site in the community.The site and tower was officially launched by cellular service provider,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, Digicel Guyana.Among those present at the launching were,mlb jerseys china, Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs Mr. Colin Croal; the Village Toshao, Troy Peters; Region Chairman,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Mr. Fermin Singh and other dignitaries.Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Gregory Dean, said that he is most pleased that the initiative has become a reality. He said the main aim behind the setting up of the site is to ensure if not all, most of the communities in Region one are linked.He added that the launch is a milestone for Digicel given the fact that it is the company’s second fully solar powered site. The first one was launched last month in Wakapao. According to Dean, it is hope that by yearend its sites will be set up at Matthew’s Ridge and Red Hill.He also urged the residents of the community to make full use of the services made available to them. Dean added that the services provided in the hinterland are no less that the services provided in other parts of the country.Minister Frank Anthony lauded Digicel’s efforts to reach out to the hinterland communities. He noted that over the years the government has been trying to reach far-flung areas but it is no easy task.“Given the large population of the hinterland,Anthony Steen Dolphins Jersey, it is very hard to offer all the needed services and in these instances we are grateful to the corporate world.”He added,Wholesale Jerseys, too,Wholesale Jerseys Store, that this initiative ties in perfect with the Government’s Low Carbon Development Strategy.The Minister added that this cellular site is just a start in the right direction as it relates to communication with the outside world for hinterland communities.Minister Anthony further reminded the gathering of the Government’s commitment to the hinterland communities.Similar sentiments of gratitude were expressed by the Village Toshao, Troy Peters, and the Regional Chairman.

Guyana got a right to remain backward especially when dem got people like Brazzy. This got to be de first country when people coming in and telling de government wha fuh do. Imagine Guyana paying a foreign contractor fuh some work and de contractor telling dem that only foreign people can wuk pun de job.That is alright but Guyana want to teach its people because everybody know that nuff skilled people gone away fuh one reason or de other. Jagdeo tell a press conference that Guyana lost skill. Wha he didn’t tell people was that de government ain’t mekking no special effort to develop training facilities,Wholesale NFL Jerseys.GTI trying but government ain’t putting enough money to pay de teachers suh teachers ain’t jumping to tek de job. Suh de Chinese come and anybody woulda believe that Guyana woulda tek de opportunity to let dem train Guyanese but Brazzy talking how he and he friends gun save US$9 million,Cheap Football Jerseys.Jackass. It gun tek more than that to train de skills that this country need,NFL Jerseys China. But dem boys seh that Brazzy only thinking bout he and he friends pocket. To hell wid Guyana. And he got de nerve to talk bout language problems and how if no Guyanese ain’t deh pun de site de job gun done faster,Cheap MLB Pro Shop.Well dem boys remember de days of slavery when de slaves didn’t understand de language of de master but dem learn it quick. Dem know that when Barama come was de same thing. Other foreigners come and dem didn’t understand creolese but dem tek Guyanese and de wuk done.People sure that he gun blame Guyanese who wuk pun de Skeldon fuh de state of de plant because dem couldn’t understand Chinese,nhl jerseys outlet.This man got to be a big goat. He talk bout saving US$9 million. But he is de same one who talk bout de contract done sign. If de contract sign fuh US$60 million then that is wha he got to pay de contractors,NFL Jerseys Cheap. If as he seh that he save US$9 million who getting that money since none ain’t come from de Treasury? He mean fuh seh that de Chinese gun give he that money?Dem boys seh that if people want evidence that nuff thiefing tekking place dem only got to look at de Marriott,Discount Football Jerseys.Talk half and watch how dem thiefing.

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“Government is very much interested in determining the source of Jagdeo’s wealth among others whose salaries do not seem to match the fortunes they have acquired over the years…” Dr. Thomas Guyana’s anti corruption commission otherwise known as the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) has no interest in waiting on the Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo to disclose to the nation, the source of his assets on his own terms.Multiple agencies have already begun to investigate the wealth of the former president and the disposal of assets during his 12 year reign.SARU’s Head, Dr. Clive Thomas, disclosed that the agencies, along with SARU, will also be investigating all those persons who had control over assets of the states be it former Ministers or Permanent Secretaries of the previous administration.Dr. Clive Thomas said that there remains “deep interest” in ascertaining the source of the former President’s assets.“Government is very much interested in determining the source of Jagdeo’s wealth among others whose salaries do not seem to match the fortunes they have acquired over the years so multiple agencies are looking at that. We cannot be told not to investigate anyone including Jagdeo,” said the SARU Head.“But I don’t want it to be misconstrued to mean that Jagdeo is our only target.  We don’t want to make it look like we are only going after him because there will be some other developments taking place. That’s why we have our experts in the country now because we are trying to find…those who were found to be engaged in stealing public assets.”The State Assets Recovery Unit has already undertaken several cases.Dr. Thomas said that two such cases include the ‘Pradoville scandal’ and the alleged misuse of state assets by former GuySuCo CEO, Dr. Rajendra Singh.The Ministry of Housing had called on the Recovery Unit to investigate the ‘Pradoville Two’ deal,Cheap Jerseys Online, where abuse of state resources by the previous administration allegedly occurred.The matter is also being examined under forensic audits being carried out at both the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) and the National Industrial Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).Minister within the Ministry of Communities,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, Keith Scott, had disclosed that the area situated at Parcel 172 Plantation Sparendaam and Parcel 237 Plantation Goedverwagting, known by citizens as Pradoville 2, was “mutated” and sold, subject to a Cabinet decision.Opposition Leader, Bharrat JagdeoSARU Head, Dr. Clive ThomasThe state-owned NICIL/Privatisation Unit was authorized to do all acts necessary to ensure the vesting of the new development project in the CH&PA, the body which is tasked with overseeing housing developments in Guyana.NICIL/Privatisation Unit was headed by Winston Brassington, an executive who oversaw a number of contentious multi-billion-dollar public infrastructure deals.According to Scott, the allocation of parcels of land to several former ministers, senior Government officials and friends close to the PPP administration, and the method to determine the prices paid, were not assessed by the CH&PA.He said that CH&PA seemed not to have been in the loop. The infrastructural works were contracted to Atlantic Construction by NICIL/Privatisation Unit.NICIL reportedly also spent tens of millions of dollars to build roads, drainage and culverts, and to lay pipelines and in some cases, underground power cables. The developed house lots, complete with infrastructure,Wholesale Jerseys, were then sold to Jagdeo, several ministers and Government officials and friends.There is no evidence that the house lots sale was advertised or what procedures were used in the allocation of the parcels of the ocean-front properties.Jagdeo himself,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, according to details of allocations, received two parcels equivalent to two acres. On it, he built an imposing mansion, complete with pool and overlooking the seawall and the Atlantic Ocean.He paid a total of $9.8M. He had owned a property along the Ogle Airport Road in the community that was known as ‘Pradoville One’. However, he reportedly sold that property to Trinidadian advertising executive, Ernie Ross.In effect, Jagdeo paid three times less than what ordinary citizens in the Diamond and Grove Housing Schemes, East Bank Demerara, would have been required to fork out.Jagdeo’s payment for the Pradoville Two parcels translated to $5M per acre which works out at $114 per square foot; the ordinary man pays $317 per square foot for his plot.The sale of the Pradoville Two house lots for such a low price would contrast starkly with what remigrants had to pay under the Government’s scheme for returning to Guyana. Remigrants paid more than ten times the price Jagdeo paid for the same size house lot. They paid $1,111 per square foot.Other beneficiaries included Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shalimar Ali-Hack; former Head of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ramesh Dookhoo; former Ministers Clement Rohee, Priya Manickchand, Robert Persaud and even former Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon.The Asset Recovery Unit is also investigating some of the infractions committed by Dr. Rajendra Singh when he served as Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).Dr. Thomas had said that a request was made for more details for some of the transactions and decisions by Dr. Singh as they involved the misappropriation of State assets.The Assets Recovery Unit will be looking into the sale of 2.6792 acres of land at Plantation Good Hope, East Coast Demerara to one Kelvin Gobin. This sale was authorized by Dr. Singh.Dr. Singh also entered into management agreements with Global Casetech and Global Cane Sugar services out of India for the management services on a number of estates at unreasonably high cost,Cheap Jerseys From China, and without approval of the Board of Directors.Documents also show that the former GuySuCo Chief Executive Officer persisted with a commercial bio fertilizer, despite advice to the contrary from the corporation’s research and technical personnel.Single sourced procurements were done for the supply of bio fertilizers from Kay Bovet Engineering Ltd. of India in the sum of US$76,680 in June 2014 and Global Cane Sugar Services Pvt. Ltd of India in the sum of US$68,Custom Boston Celtics Jerseys,580 in February 2015. Despite being cautioned numerous times regarding the adaptation of a practice that has not been used outside of India,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the former CEO allegedly persisted with commercial application rather than a trial as advised.Dr. Singh is also said to have made decisions that resulted in millions of dollars being lost by GuySuCo.The said documents reveal that Singh had responsibility for finance and marketing for the company and entered into a one year agreement with Tate and Lyle in 2013 when the company could have entered into one for three years while locking in at a higher sugar price for 2014 and 2015.This was the first time in the history of the Long Term Agreement (LTA) with Tate and Lyle that a one-year agreement was entered into. The failure to enter into a three-year agreement resulted in a conservatively estimated loss of US$60M in revenue for the corporation for the years 2014 and 2015.During his time as CEO, he also committed 38,000 tonnes of sugar to Futures Market without locking in a price it was US$0.16 cents per pound. The current price is now US$0.11 cents per pound and this decline resulted in a loss of revenue in the sum of US$4.2M for GuySuCo.

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